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Our business is based on helping other businesses and families clean up, dispose of, and recycle unwanted materials. Old foundations, stone piles, concrete pads, and other unwanted debris can be demolished into useable gravel, fill, or transported elsewhere. Our stone crusher is a Rubble Master 80 on tracks, which allows it to maneuver in most any situation to service your crushing needs. It is also capable of separating any rebar or steel as it has a magnetic separator. Why bury all this material when you can recycle and reuse it?


Our Doosan 225 excavator comes complete with thumb and jackhammer attachments and is used to prep the job site and feed the stone crusher. It is also capable of doing many other excavating activities.  

Along with our demo equipment we have a float trailer capable of custom floating, as well as a tractor and dump trailer to help haul debris to or way from job sites.

We take pride in being respectful and corteous with all our customers and job sites. 

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